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Fuji Tight "V" TVSTS spinning reel seat

The TVSTS reel seat is Fuji 1st blank-touch reel seat for Spinning Rods, up-locking usage with built in hood. Special Hood reduces the gap between the body & palm and hand.

"V" shape grip is the key to accuracy and feel, this gives improved rod sensitivity by allowing two touch points on the front and side.


Special hood reduces the level difference

Special hump shaped hood is developed for TVS body. It reduces the level difference and gap between the body. Gap between palm and seat is filled with hump shaped hood. Ergononmic shape fits to the palm like a part of hand.


V shape grip is the key to the best accuracy

The ergonomic body shape of TVS makes naturally the grip shape of thumb and fore finger "V". This V shape helps thumb to hold the side of the seat firmly and avoids reel from swinging right and left when casting. V shape grip firmly stabilise the reel and gives the best casting accuracy ever.


Blank-touch on side and front

Rod sensitivity is much improved thanks to two blank-touch points on front and side.

Suitable for:

  • SPIN