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The image of a perfect ring

The ideal guide is formed by a metal frame and a ceramic ring, maximising the potential of the rod, reel, and line.

Fuji has been working on developing a supreme ceramic ring which will maximise the performance of the blank and the line. That is to say “Lighter & Stronger” is an eternal proposition. It is 32 years since The Fuji SiC ring was launched, now go beyond SiC with the supreme ceramic ring “TORZITE” and witness the birth of the next generation ceramic ring.

The newly developed ceramic is stronger than silicon carbide, which allows the super slim ring shape and saves weight.

The derivation of TORZITE

'TOR' represents the word TORUS, for the original ultimate form of the ring. Adding 'ZITE' to express a hard shining mineral. the new ring is named 'TORZITE'

Ultra Light

In spite of an ultra thin body, TORZITE has incredible bending and toughness strength. Higher toughness and bending strength than even SiC.

Ultra Low Friction

The synergy TORZITE's ring shape with the ring surface helps realise the ultimate protection to the line.

TORZITE's gently round cross section shape allows the ring to contact line in double the length compared to other rings Thanks to it, the pressure of the ring is reduced by half compared to other rings.

Ultimate Thinness

The New Fuji TORZITE is the best ring we have ever created.

For more information & to buy online:

Product Title Description Fishing Type  
Fuji Torzite T-KLTG Fuji TORZITE in Titanium Frame, Single foot design Guide in KR concept Fly/Game, Spin, Carp more info
Fuji Torzite T-KTTG Fuji TORZITE in a Titanium KR concept Frame Fly/Game, Coarse/Match, Spin, Carp more info
Fuji Torzite T-KWTG Fuji TORZITE in Titanium Frame , KR tangle Free design frame , This guide is fantastic with Braid, Flurocarbon & Monofilament lines. Fly/Game, Coarse/Match, Beach, Spin, Carp more info
Fuji Torzite T-LGTT Fuji TORZITE in a Titanium Frame ideal for light spinning rods. Fly/Game, Coarse/Match, Spin, Carp more info
Fuji Torzite T-MNTT Fuji TORZITE in a Titanium Frame ideal for Spinning and Casting Rods. Fly/Game, Coarse/Match, Spin, Carp more info
Fuji Torzite T-KBTG Single foot guide for the Belly section of K-R concept. Titanium frame deep pressed with a TORZITE centre. Spin more info
Fuji Torzite T-KLTG-L/M/H Ranges Fuji K-R Concept Extra High frames Chocking Guide K frame designed for tangle free fishing with braid or mono. Titanium frame with a TORZITE centre. Coarse/Match, Spin more info

To see even more about the benefits of using Fuji TORZITE check out the demonstration videos.

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Close up of the Fuji Torzite with laser marking Ring cross section of Torzite  Abrasion resistance level is same as SiC, it does not make rin g abrade during fighting fish